QA Testing

The release candidate is ready to go and so starts the crazy amount of bug testing we will need to do.  We need to assure we check all the edge cases and all the scenarios in which the user could break our app.  It reminds me of the last time working before a Mahadev assignment is due and checking if anything could go wrong.  We need to make sure things like:

repeating alarms actually set to the proper date.

what happens if you delete a task right before it’s due, does the alarm still go off? What about deleting it before looking at the notification? (we corrected this one earlier)

What happens if you set something to go off in the past, how will our app handle it?

Do the notifications stack correctly if it repeats frequently?

Does the app do anything about SQL injection?

Does anything happen if a task has all the same information?

what about categories, does the name matter?

If you create a category in a different activity can you use it in addTaskActivity?


The list seems to be endless and ones where we need to create like 20 tasks to make sure everything works at that high of a load is up to Jon/Dhimitri since my VM doesn’t really play nice.

Questions like these are a great way to test to make sure the app is functional.  I’ll doing another write up about what google would like our app to.


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