Great Meeting the Other day

Synergy! haha, Jon Dhimitri and I met up on Thursday to discuss the final process in the app.  I figured since Dhimitri has that little netbook that he can’t do much with that I would bring a VGA cable to the library and set my laptop up on the big screen.  I’ll remember not to listen to Dhimitri though because the VGA cable wouldn’t fit so I had to run back and grab an HDMI, the result:

Look at him pointing, Synergy!

It actually worked out really well, and I wish we had started doing it earlier.  We used My/Jon’s laptop and were able to solve a problem in Dhimitri’s ViewCalendarActivity which turned out to be some weird problem with using .get__() (it was a call to a different class outside the package) which it didn’t like and wouldn’t allow the calendar to move more than a month away.

The meeting lasted a pretty long time where we discussed where the app was going and who was testing it.  I suggested we use r/androidDev from Reddit considering we would definitely get some feedback from knowledgeable app devs who are happy to help.  I think it might be a good idea to get some freshmen CS students into the testing too, I’ll email whomever is doing 101/140 this year and ask.

The app is looking awesome, excited for these next few weeks.


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