Working on a facelift

Howdy all,

Jon and I aren’t graphic designers, actually I just ran into this problem at work,  and it’s pretty obvious this app isn’t going to be the prettiest bell at the ball.  Whatever, form follows function.  Right now I’m working on making the ‘create activity’ section contain everything we’re going to need Calendar style date picker, notes, title, priority radio buttons and that should be it for now.

I’ve ran into a bit of a problem with saving the tasks and I can’t figure out why they aren’t being recreated on restart for now I’m just leaving it alone (which is why nothing has been committed yet).  Since Jon built most of the onRestart() I’m sure he’ll know what’s wrong once we meet THIS SUNDAY FOR SURE so I’m not too concerned.  I found out today that the GUI for android dev is terrific, it really is.  I was fussing around with all the ugly xml and switched over only to see the GUI version was so smooth and easy to use.


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