Catching Up on GIT

Howdy all,

Luckily Jon and I have been working internships all summer using some sort of variation of a Version Control System.  I guess I didn’t learn as much as I thought in 401 for GIT as I really needed.  My git-foo has improved significantly (Jon’s is still way above mine, though. )  Right now I’m working on my james-dev branch (at least the one I push to) and usually branch when I’m trying something new.  I’m really digging the issue tracker but, I think one day this week I am going to take some time out, probably with Jon, and really get our Wiki in gear.

In other news, old news that I never mentioned, Joe was MIA for a while and I finally got in contact with him and he said he was too busy and couldn’t commit I emailed Karl about it but I never got a response, I’m sure he’s just enjoying summer.


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